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745 NW 54th Street, Miami, FL


Exterior satin paint

In the summer of 2022, she completed a monumental mural at the Miami Workers Center in Liberty City. This mural, covering the length of the building’s exterior, took nearly a year to complete due to its logistical scale. The mural holds deep personal significance as it aligns with Corinne’s mission to inspire and heal through art. The concept for the mural came from a previous collaboration with Miami Workers Center staff members, and the dedicated workers and volunteers fighting for community rights, paying tribute to her childhood neighborhood of Liberty City. The Miami Workers Center’s mission is to empower working-class individuals and families in Miami-Dade County through leadership development and grassroots campaigns, striving for respect, rights, and resources for all.

Corinne Stevie, born in Miami, FL. Stevie is a Haitian-American artist.