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Bixler Playlot, 5641, S Kenwood Ave, Hyde Park, CHI

Untitled Video

Digital video. Running time: 00:16

Untitled Video (2019) invites the audience to explore the meaning behind the complex political history of water in the USA. Today, this water fountain is used for ornamental purposes and serves as a point of interaction and connection among people. Untitled Video (2019) depicts a water fountain in the foreground with jets of water creating a constantly shifting screen. The somewhat veiled imagery symbolizes the superficiality often attributed to human interactions in urban environments. The video aims to urge viewers to delve deeper and see beyond the surface. As the individuals interact on the fountain’s far side, reflections and distortions become a vivid metaphor for the intricate and perplexing nature of human relationships.

Eugenia Vargas-Pereira was born in Chile. Studied at Montana Institute of Art. Vargas-Pereira is a trans-disciplinary artist known for her photography, time-based installations, performance, and video. Throughout her career, she has explored gender, the natural environment, and the representation of women in the media and advertising. Her reflections and artistic approach are deeply rooted in her personal experiences, her nomadic lifestyle, and the necessity to reshape her identity in response to constant geographical changes.