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Turgeau, Potoprens (Port-au-Prince) Ayti

Self Portrait|Schizophrenic Operations

Paper, plastic, oil paint, oil stick, scotch tape on canvas

The current location of this collage is the artist’s studio, Turgeau, Potoprens (Port-au-Prince) Ayti. The work was originally created in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY (U.S.A.). It is part of a meditative series that analyzes and attempts to establish the identity of an emigre, in his home and host country. This meditation also alludes to architecture, urban and interior design. How the emigre/exile informs and shapes space or vice-a-versa. The collage includes personal travel documents; the artist’s first passport issued by the Republic of Ayti, U.S. green card (1989), from the year the artist first entered U.S. soil. Furthering examples of meditative fluidity through identity and presence.


Herve Sabin Aka GAALO was born in Potoprens, Ayiti. Lives and works in Ayiti. Painting has become an outlet to explore issues of migration, language and Identity, human rights, and love.