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11395 SW 79th St, Miami, FL


Discarded wood

Kayla Henriquez constructs multiple tree stump-like sculptures using discarded wood collected from various sites, including industrial sites. Henriquez conceptualizes these stumps as a Memorial to bring to light the organic essence of those trees themselves and where they once stood. Humans have been excessively deforesting for hundreds of years. This installation is a way of meditating the value and presence of discarded wood by returning the remains back to the forest. The sculpture is installed in Kendall Indian Hammock Park in Miami, Florida. A location that embraces visitors through the overwhelming beauty of nature itself. Within the calm of the forest, the sculpture will disrupt and bring attention with its mere presence to the memory of the tree fragments caused due to deforestation.

Kayla Henriquez, born in Miami, FL. Received a BFA from New World School of the Arts. Kayla is a Cuban-Dominican multidisciplinary artist. Exhibitions include, The BluPrint Show at Bridge Red Studios in North Miami, Florida (2022) and An Art Genesis, Under the Bridge Art Space, Miami, FL (2023).