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Key Biscayne, FL

Sunset 7:09 pm


Sunset 7:09 pm invites the audience to participate in the simple act of cleaning eyeglasses with a moist towelette. This artwork challenges the notion of the magical, particularly as it relates to the awe-inspiring beauty of a picturesque sunset. While sunsets are often considered emblematic of the sublime, this artwork aims to provoke contemplation about the authenticity of our perceptions and the constructed nature of the sublime experience.

  • A pair of eyeglasses
  • A sealed moist towelette packet (scented, if possible)
  • A sunset

Beginning the Performance:

Stand or sit comfortably in front of a sunset, with the eyeglasses placed in front of you.

Take a moment to ground yourself and become fully present in the performance space.
Engaging with the Eyeglasses:

Pick up the eyeglasses gently, holding them by the frames.

Examine them closely, observing any smudges, dust, or imperfections on the lenses.
Opening the Packet:

Slowly and deliberately open the sealed packet of moist towelette. Pay attention to the texture, sound, and sensations as you do so.
Cleaning the Lenses:

Carefully unfold the sheet of moist towelette.

Begin cleaning the lenses of the eyeglasses in circular motions.
Contemplation and Mindfulness:

As you clean the lenses, allow your mind to remain in the present moment. Pay attention to the sensation of your fingers on the glasses, the smell of the moist towelette, and the visual transformation as the lenses become clear.
Conclusion:- Once you are done cleaning the lenses, put on the eyeglasses.
Take a moment to appreciate the transformed lenses and the sense of clarity they now offer.

Marcos Valella born in Miami, FL. Received a BFA from University of Iowa. Valella is an artist that generates paintings using speculative methods, encompassing economy, mass production, data entry, and layering. He has exhibited nationally, including Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, Locust Projects, Pérez Art Museum and Riverside Art Museum.