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• South, Florida

Untitled (from When I See You, I See Myself Clearer)

Archival photographs, wheat paste

For the AIM Biennial, I am wheat-pasting fragmented images from my matriarchal family’s archive throughout North Miami, my birthplace. The images focus on specific gestures that I have observed in various family members, including myself – the way we hold our hips, pop our feet, lay our hands on top of one another, etc. Some, I’ve installed in random locations that interest me for their metaphorical sense, such as a bridge, and others I’ve installed in more sentimental locations, such as my grandmother’s first home in the States. There has been something oddly empowering about scattering these images throughout the city – especially as a child of migrants, as I’ve often felt a sense of nonbelonging in both their home place and my own.

Locations: Various South Florida locations

Nicole Combeau, born, lives/works in Miami, FL. Received a BFA from The School of Visual Arts. She is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, sculpture and book making. Nicole explores spirituality, identity and generational patterns through her work.