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• 285 NE 191st Street, Miami, FL

Liberation from Obstacles

Mixed media

Liberation from Obstacles is an installation that resides in Star Lakes, a multicultural 55-plus community in Miami. Over the past seven years, our Association has been invaded by ruthless, corrupt, property managers and unscrupulous investors. Their intent is to redevelop and gentrify the area by stealing our property. They have created a myriad of obstacles to abuse the members with the last one being a $12.7 million loan against our property. The goal of this installation is to create a positive spiritual memory. This piece is about bringing Light, Liberation, and Justice. We honor the following energies to bring about this Liberation and Peace to our community. Lady Liberty welcomes all Nations to Justice, Krishna, the Lord of Compassion and Love, and Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

Patrick De Castro is a Miami-based Artist. Studied at SASCI Art Institute, Florence, Italy. Received an MSD from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Interior Design. He has exhibited nationally and internationally. Recently completed a three-month residency at No Lugar Residency, Quito, Ecuador. Central themes in his work are cultural identity, illness, homosexuality, and spirituality.