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• South Central, PA

Where it comes from

Local clay built on site 

Clay is a type of sedimentary rock that forms from the weathering and breakdown of other rocks. It can vary in color, texture, and properties, and is abundant on earth. Historically, almost every society that had access to clay developed a ceramics tradition, which speaks to its universal quality and enduring cultural significance. Clay has been used in agricultural practices throughout time, from storing or sprouting seeds to working into compost. This project is built on site in a pile of clay where it was dug on an organic farm in South Central, PA. The forms reference fungi or lichen, organisms that help recycle nutrients in our ecosystems. The clay forms are not fired, they are susceptible to the elements outside. With time, they will become formless, returning to the pile, and be used in sustainable farming processes.

Rachel Eng, lives/works in Carlisle, PA. Received BFA from University of Colorado and BFA from Pennsylvania State University. Eng is an artist working in a variety of materials. She has exhibited and participated in residencies nationally and internationally.