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Space of Transfers Project

Digital photo and videos. Running time: 2:38

I departed from Sweetwater, returning home. I stood at the rear of the bus-stop to shield myself from emanating heat at SW112/40thSt. I observed the sidewalk in the shadows. Took several photos, “Ephemeral Shadows.” Later, I boarded the metrobus, 71 to SW107ave/17St. Transferred to 71 towards Dolphin Mall, requested the stop at SW SW107Av/#43. After Publix supermarket, I walked to the bus stop. An elderly man was waiting, and we chatted. Took photos of fragmented images, “Metamorphosis in Time” and “Rhizomatic Azul Imprints.” Caught the 71 bus to SW107Av/SW6 St. Walking on Fontainebleau Blvd, a sun shower jolted and the scent of petrichor saturated my umbrella. At the intersection of West Flagler, I glanced at the bus stop, documenting, “Drops & Graffiti”. The last documentation was at NW7th/109 Ave. Did a minimal performance, “Appropriation of Time.”

Ephimeral Shadows
Metamorphosis in Time
Dancing Drops and Graffiti I at Flagler ST
Rhizomatic Azul Imprint at 107 Ave

Sonia Baez-Hernandez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Received a BFA from University of Puerto Rico, MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am an interdisciplinary Latinx artist. My work is inspired by abstraction, social practice, and our planetary crisis.  Recent exhibitions: Miramar Cultural Center, Coral Spring Museum, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Laundromat, CAS Gallery, roja-rubenteenn project, including national and international projects.