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• 164 NE 56th St, Miami, FL

Choublak (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) Flag

Outdoor UV resistant polyester fabric N/A

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, found in Suriname, Ecuador, Miami, and Panama, is the unofficial national flower of Haiti (Choublak) while originating from Indonesia. I’ve been interested in these plants  and their respective landscapes that I was able to access through the Diaspora Vibe cultural exchange program. Using an image of a bloom taken at Katwijk Plantation in Suriname, a flag will hang at the DVCAI house (164 NE 56th St, 33137) in Little Haiti. This flag communicates an experience during a visit to Suriname and its Javanese history, while signaling solidarity with Little Haiti. The image was created by moving a panoramic lens around the flower, documenting an attempt to capture the alloverness of the flower in its landscape. Color, petal, and shrub all appear in a condensed image. The flag includes a clipart of blooms to clarify the message. The flag installed in the front yard, waving in the wind, reanimates the movement in the image.

Location: Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator House, 164 NE 56th St, Miami, FL

T. Wheeler Castillo was born in Miami, FL. Received a BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Castillo is interested in landscapes, weaving histories, earth sciences, and anthropology. He’s embarked on cultural missions throughout the Caribbean with Curator Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator’s International Cultural Exchanges, and is a 2023 recipient of its Catalyst award. He works with institutions throughout the region as an educator.