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• 617 North Flores Street, San Antonio, TX

Dwelings #7

Textile in custom made wood

Dwellings #7 is part of a more expansive project that focuses on the fragmentation of contemporary Urban vernacular symbology and the temporal experiences in communities of people of color. The quilt imbedded within the architecture serves as a symbolic gesture. Threading the abandoned landscape into the quilt as a form of temporal inclusion. This temporal inclusion is then preserved as a photo document.

Yanira Collado lives/works in Miami, Florida. Studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A multimedia cultural practitioner. Collado’s practice considers concepts that allude to the restoration of histories. Art Residencies and Fellowships include, ArtPace, San Antonio, TX, (2022), the Joan Mitchell Residency, New Orleans, LA (2023). Group exhibitions include, Post Hip-Hop? or Return of the Boom-Bap! Sikkema Jenkins, NY (2023), El Triennal, Estamos Bien, Museo del Barrio, NY, (2021). Solo exhibitions include, Zafa /A Spellworking of Temporal Geometry, Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA; Yanira Collado, The Baker Museum, Naples, FL (2023), Areito/Allusions of Sacred Geometry, Evanston, IL (2022).