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9610 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL

Here and There, from the Raw Emotions Series

Up-cycled textiles, threads

Our notion of belonging is not fixed. We adapt and transform with our life experiences, relationships, environment, etc. These soft sculptures are the symbolic embodiment of belonging. They invite us to explore and embrace fluidity. To embrace the idea that this is not a static place or state but an ongoing journey of self-discovery and human connection. The ocean becomes a dynamic force, both treacherous and inviting, reflecting the tumultuous emotions that accompany migration. The vastness of the sea symbolizes the enormity of possible journeys and the uncertainty of migration. The concept of otherness is palpable as individuals encounter new lands, cultures, and people.

Aida Tejada was born in the Dominican Republic. Lives and works in Miami, FL. She is currently pursuing an MFA degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Tejada is an interdisciplinary artist. She has participated in various exhibitions including Art Concept Alternative, Spain, ISEA Cultural Art Center of Cape Cod, MA, Alliance Française, Coral Gables Museum, Miami, FL and other spaces. Art Residencies include The Mike Artist Residency and Deering Estate, Miami, FL.