AIM Biennial 2020

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December 1 – 31, 2020

“The A.I.M. Biennial presents site specific installations created by local artists responding to the historically layered landscapes, landmarks, architecture, and communities of South Florida during Miami Art Week 2020.”

A.I.M. is:  Art in Movement • Art is Matter • Andedan ici Mwen • Activism is Movement 
• Ahora imagina Movimiento • Acabamos iniciar Machetes •Art in Miami • Any intimate moment • American Indian Movement…

The AIM Biennial—a project which features new site-specific installations throughout South Florida, created by local cultural practitioners–including visual artists, dancers, activists and performers–who represent our region’s diversity. With an emphasis on ritual, monuments and shrines, these installations have been produced in response to historically layered landscapes, landmark locations, urban vernacular architecture, the Everglades and the various communities of our region.

A published catalogue includes maps and site locations. AIM was organized by william cordova (cultural practitioner, NY/Miami), Marie Vickles (Education director Perez Art Museum / Curator Little Haiti Cultural Center), Gean Moreno (Director, Knight Foundation Art + Research Center at Institute of ContemporaryArt, Miami), and Mikhaile Solomon (Curator / Director of Prizm Art Fair).

Locations: Homestead, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties, Miccosukee, Seminole Indian Reservation.

Satellite locations: Georgia, Havana-Cuba, Tallahassee and Texas.

Further info:

2020 AIM Participants 

Almaz Wilson

Aramis O’Reilly

Arturo E. Mosquera

Barron Sherer

Beatriz Monteavaro

Carol Jazzar

Carol K. Brown

Carol Todaro

Carol-Anne McFarlane

Carolina Cueva

Charo Oquet

Chire Regans (VantaBlack)

Debbie Acevedo

Devora Perez

Dinizulu Gene Tinnie

Dona Altemus

Donald McKnight

Ena Marrero

Ernesto Oroza

Frances Trombly

Francie Bishop Good

Francisco Masó

Gavin Perry

GeoVanna Gonzalez

Glenn Saffo

Glexis Novoa

Gustavo Matamoros

James Allister Sprang

Janese Weingarten + Dave Kudzma

Jared McGriff

Jessica Gispert

Jorge Pantoja

Julio Mitjans

Kabuya Saffo

Kandy Lopez

Karen and Harold Rifas

Kathleen Hudspeth

Kerry Phillips

Kevin Arrow

Kristen Thiele

Laura Marsh

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova

Liliam Dooley

Linda Chamorro + Felice Grodin

lou anne colodny

Luis Gispert

Mariano Bejarano

Marisol Blanco

Mark Handforth

Michiko Kurisu

N. Masani Landfair

Niki Lopez

Onajide Shabaka

Rafael Domenech

Ralph Provisero

Rick Lowe

Robert Huff

Robert McKnight

Robert Thiele

Rosemarie Chiarlone

Rudolf Kohn

Samuel Tommie

Sonia Baez-Hernandez

Tara Chadwick

Terence Price II

Tom Scicluna

Tom Virgin

Wagner, Hand & Pflug

Yanira Collado