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Flea Market USA 7900 NW 27th Avenue, Miami, FL

Untitled (Lost illusion)

For context, Gispert recalls that “1988 was the first time I visited Flea Market USA to purchase audio equipment for my first car. That was the beginning of my fascination with mobile sound systems and a long-time connection to the mall. Throughout high school I would return with friends to customize their cars, a side job I would do to earn money for gas and more speakers. A decade later I would return to purchase speakers and amplifiers for sculptures and installations.” Gispert proposes installing speakers made of recycled tires. They are to be hung with either chains or cargo nets in various possible exterior locations at the abandoned flea market (which closed for good in 2019). The accompanying soundtrack will be taken from video made in 1989 of the artist explaining how audio speakers work to his high school class.

Luis Gispert was born in Jersey City, NJ. He received an MFA at Yale University in 2001, as well as a BFA in film from Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. He creates art through a wide range of media, including photographs, film, sounds, and sculptures, focusing on hip-hop, youth culture, and Cuban-American history. In 2018, he exhibited “everythingisokayitsokayitsokay” at Lundern Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.