lou anne colodny

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Tree Tops Park Broward County, FL
Abandoned railway yard in Davie, FL
NE 125th Street North Miami, FL


The artist states that “unexplained large-scale monoliths have suddenly emerged throughout the last month in more than three South Florida areas. Noteworthy because they have abruptly appeared, but no one knows the origin of the towers or why they have emerged at this time in history. The news articles found on them dwell on the inequalities of society in the 1800s, i.e. slavery, redistribution of the indigenous peoples, and other societal issues. It is peculiar that they are still readable after all these years. The towers have been sighted in three specific locations: Tree Tops Park in Broward County, an abandoned railway yard in Davie, FL. and on NE 125th Street near the governmental complex in North Miami, FL. Newspaper articles tell the stories, experts are consulted and still there are no answers. One finding confirms a similarity to some meteorites discovered in 1884 in New Mexico. Moe Perkins, a ranger at Tree Tops Park, who found the objects, observed, ‘I’ve never seen these things before in this park or any other park in the Broward region. I have no idea how or when these objects were placed here. It’s a mystery.’ Upon further investigation, other towers were uncovered which appeared to be fragments of similar sculptures. Perkins has called in archeologists to further study these inexplicable objects.”

lou anne colodny’s experiences in dance, theater and museum administration have greatly informed her art. She was the recipient of the 2008 Cultural Consortium Fellowship in the Visual and Media Arts for Broward County in Florida. She curated and was the Founding Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami. In 2019, she was included in “concrete jungle: narrative of presence,” at Bridge Red, North Miami.