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AIM Biennial Catalog (p. 28)

Bhel (Florida)

Oroza submits the following:

Ernesto Oroza is from Havana, Cuba. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Instituto Superior de Diseño as well as a Certificate in Graphic Design from the Instituto Politécnico de
Diseño, both in Havana. He is an artist, designer, researcher, and head of the postgraduate course “Design and Research” at the Saint Etienne School of Art and Design in France, and Editorial Director of Azimuts. Oroza is interested in the architectures of necessity, technological disobedience and other subjects that link design and society in times of economic and political crisis. He produces and distributes speculative models and research through a variety of publishing methods, exhibitions, collaborative practices, documentaries and unorthodox forays into architecture, interior design and the object.

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