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The LINE is a non-partisan humanitarian series of advocacy banners and calls to fellow artists for suspended works that address missing topics in elections, including education reform and voter apathy. The project is meant to provide inspiration to create change during times of isolation, rather than further divide communities. Banners read: Masked and On TaskMasked Votes for Education Reform; If You Want Change: Vote; Resistance Isn’t Enough. Even If He Is Inadequate. 

Laura Marsh is a textile artist with a social practice. She received an MFA from Yale University School of Art, Sculpture in 2009. She has completed residences at The Deering Estate (2020) as well as Siena Art Institute, Italy (2018), among others. At The Deering Estate, she exhibited Entwined, a series of 20 spheres and three large-scale tapestries. She is the director of programming at Oolite Arts.

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