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Miami Way Theater 12615 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL



To contextualize her proposal, the artist states that the former North Miami Theater, once also known as Miami Way Theater, located at 12615 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL, is the point of origin for the concept of her piece. Opened in 1949, it coincided with the beginning of the golden age of Science Fiction, overlapped shortly after by the 3D movie craze. Her proposed painting of an audience watching a movie with 3-D glasses is the starting point of the project. Atop the image, text will read, “Science (is not) Fiction”; it will be printed on 17.5” x 22” newsprint paper and handed out in various locations throughout Miami. The image will be placed on site digitally or physically, like a movie poster, and then photographed. The artist states that the denial of science that has taken hold in our political and communal spheres has become an existential threat to all. This image and execution were instigated by and address the contemporary climate during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Courtesy North Miami Historical Society

Kristen Thiele’s paintings are derived from the films of Hollywood’s Golden Age, depicting opulence and escapist themes and how they align with the concept of artifice. The artist works from images dating back to the 1930s––images that have become new through their reintroduction into our contemporary consciousness via the platforms of modern technology. Thiele works at Bridge Red Studios in Miami.