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Bellaire neighborhood, Miami, FL

A Surviving Trace

For context, the artist states that in the Bellaire neighborhood just north of the Design District and South of Little Haiti in Miami, there is a vacant lot where a house used to stand. All that remains is the standing remnant of a house made up of a corner cinderblock wall with a few windows. It is a beautiful yet haunting form of what once was a solid shelter for a family. A Surviving Trace (2020) consists of several domestic materials left behind within this structure. The artist’s practice has long been concerned with domestic architectural forms and materials as a way to question global socioeconomic systems and their effect on immigrant and disadvantaged communities; the proposal would advance his work.

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova was born in Havana, Cuba, and currently lives and works in Miami, Florida. He is one of the directors of Dimensions Variable. In 2015, he exhibited “Exhuming Obsolescence” at the Miami Center for Architecture and Design, as well as “Intimate Material Systems” at the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, in Miami.