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Oleta River State Park 3400 NE 163rd St North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Restrictive Nets

When the beaches re-opened after the early part of COVID-19, the artists photographed the same landscapes that they had before the closures but felt compelled to mark up the new images with lines, bars, and nets. These “visual restrictions,” previously invisible, became apparent to the artists, who now see and feel these nets in the earth, sky, and water. The Installation/Performance/Ritual, entitled Restrictive Nets, will take place at Oleta State Park. 

Janese Weingarten and Dave Kudzma, aka “Jan & Dave,” grew up in Miami and now reside in Miami Beach after many years in Los Angeles, making films and artworks. In the past, their works have been concerned with the nature of originality versus copyright in the modern cultural milieu. They have often addressed and readdressed the idea of conflict/battle in their performances.