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Design District and Midtown Transportation Hub, Miami, FL

Aquifer of the Spirit

Aquifer of the Spirit is a 10-minute sound work, meant to be experienced with headphones. This work is an invitation for deep listening while meditating on the present moment: welcoming our bodies, our ancestors, our traumas, our pain, longings, visions, and dreams. The piece will be accessible via QR code to visitors of the Design District and Midtown Transportation Hub.


James Allister Sprang tells stories informed by black radical and experimental traditions. He has built relationships with communities and audiences across experimental theater, sound art, conceptual art, performance art, poetry and spoken word with his multidisciplinary practice. He has completed several residencies domestically and internationally, at The Public Theater, Pioneer Works, and The Apollo Theater, among others. In 2018, he received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2019, his solo show “Fragment Scapes” showed at Knockdown Center, New York, NY.