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12425 NE 13th Avenue, Miami, FL

Landscape with Hum

Landscape with Hum (2001) is a site-specific 1-minute 45-second recording that documents an unnoticeable occurrence: the presence of a hum as captured by the right side of the artist’s stereo microphone while walking on a pasture, across and under high voltage power lines suspended four stories from the ground in an otherwise unsuspecting natural landscape. The project was carried out at 12425 NE 13th Avenue.

Gustavo Matamoros was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a composer, sound artist, and the founding Artistic Director of the Subtropics Festival. In 2019, he released “(˜) Tilde (´) Tilde,”
a composition, and sound art project based in Little Havana, created during his residency at the Koubek Center. The artist has lived and worked in Miami since 1979.