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Park 1.5 miles north of Miami Beach’s southern-most point

A Winner’s Stand

For his proposal, McGriff is installing a winner’s stand of white basketball shoes at a park 1.5 miles north of Miami Beach’s southern-most point. He says the park’s basketball court is a nexus for people from all corners of the world. In installing the stand, he will explore ideas of hierarchy, play, connection and performance; by animating the otherwise abandoned space with the tools and dynamics of the adjacent space and its own former use, A Winner’s Stand will make the space more familiar and less abandoned.

Jared McGriff is from Los Angeles, California. He earned a BA in Architecture from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley in 1999, as well as an MBA from New York University in 2008. His paintings are inspired by visual distortions, memory fragments, and ephemera. In 2020, he showed “Only Touching the Ground to Jump” at Spinello Projects in Miami.