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Miami Dade Courthouse, 73 West Flagler St. Downtown Miami, FL

Walked On

In Walked On, Kandy Lopez, an artist of color, proposes to incorporate two embroidery pieces entitled America Does It (2019)and Brandon (2016) as entrance “rugs” to the Miami Dade Courthouse in Downtown Miami. The 6’6” x 4’ monochromatic embroidered “rugs” are of two African American males within a cityscape. The final images will showcase people walking on the piece as the American justice system has done since the beginning of law.

Kandy Lopez is an Afro-Dominican American artist. She creates work to understand her fascination with certain individuals who live and work in urban, often economically disadvantaged environments, and to explore the strength, power, confidence, and swag of those individuals through a variety of mediums. She received her MFA from Florida Atlantic University. Upcoming exhibitions for 2020-21 include “Ekphrastic” at The Far Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, as well as “Afro Soul: An Exhibition of Contemporary African Diaspora Art” at VIRTUAL.

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