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The Bakehouse Art Complex 561 NW 32nd Street , Miami, FL 33127

Say Their Names

Say Their Names is a public art memorial which was developed in response to the global uprisings motivated by the senseless murder of George Floyd by arresting officers in Minneapolis. The project serves as a direct call to the public to honor those lost to gun violence, police brutality, hate crimes, and domestic violence; it is also a statement of solidarity with members of the community who feel unheard and forgotten in the wake of tragedy. The piece is on the full posterior wall of the Bakehouse Art Complex. The wall will be painted solid black and covered in the names of victims, primarily from South Florida, but from throughout the country as well, with distinctions made according to gender and gender identity. The street below will give the instruction: “Say Their Names,” “Digan Sus Nombres,” and “Di Non Yo.”

Chire Regans, aka VantaBlack, is a visual artist originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She received a BS focused in Visual and Performing Arts from Florida A&M University. Regans has dedicated both her artistic practice and her life to community advocacy and activism. Regans serves on the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board’s Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Committee and as a teaching artist at PAMM. In 2020, she was Oolite Art’s Social Justice Award winner.


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