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3317 NW 7th Avenue Allapattah, FL

Charo Oquet’s “Reliquary “

Reliquary is a site-specific installation in Allapattah that explores concepts of sacred spaces and spiritual encounters, based on an Afro-Caribbean ritual for the dead called “Cabo de Año.” Designed to give voice, a face, and a story to the migrant Dominican community of the neighborhood, Reliquary creates an ambiguous and safe space where fictional and documentary dimensions are blended, creating a third territory of language. The installation includes pieces that imply that they are energy markers and conduits; it also includes pieces from research into the origins of magic writing, such as veves.

Charo Oquet is an interdisciplinary artist and curator from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She explores the poetics related to the construction of a new imaginary in the contemporary Caribbean through video, photography, performance, painting and installation, crisscrossed with her family history. In 2018, she exhibited Arrayanos, a short film, at Edge Zones Gallery in Miami. She lives and works in Miami Beach.