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Carol Mart Flea Market 18200 NW 27th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL

A Carol City Story

The artist states that “for many years, Carol City Flea market has held a special place in my heart. I haven’t revisited the land where it once stood in five years, since its closing and new developments.” For this piece, the artist proposes filming himself sharing the memories of what once was, and the effects of what it is now. It comes on the heels of a video project, A Carol City Story (2015), that he made when he found out about its closing.

Terrence Price II is from Carol City. He is an artist who emerges from a tradition of mid-twentieth-century street photography, capturing the world around him in evocative portraits and cinematic snapshots. He blends this history of the medium with a distinctly contemporary understanding of representation, collaboration, image making, and the way media circulates in our culture. In 2018/2019, he had a residency at Oolite Arts.