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Where the railroad tracks meet Rio Nuevo, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

…still here…

The artist states that “through a multi-year series of corporal kinetic work, the cyclic nature of time, prophecy and policy is illustrated through a brief glimpse into a possible future world where indigenous knowledge forms the basis of governance, economy and interpersonal integrity, clearly reflecting the present while remaining rooted in rhythms and wisdom of the past. I feel an increasing responsibility to adapt patterns and structures to reflect the intensity of messaging needed to spark transformative self-awareness. Collectively and individually, we must activate our responsibility to create a future where everything we need is attainable and our work takes care of each other and the earth. We are the life blood of Mother Earth. Time, water and life flow forever.”

Wind and water
Photo courtesy Gordon Oliver Wareham
Rhythm waves time
Photo courtesy Gordon Oliver Wareham

Tara Chadwick engages in a lifelong practice of integrating art, science, literature and technology through modern adaptations of prehistoric knowledge production systems. The result is transformative, deep learning opportunities that model process, understanding, presence and contribution. Tara is a member of the Belizean Diaspora, a grandchild of the Maya People of Belize, Mexico and Central America and of the original people of the land we now know as the United Kingdom.