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Wynwood District, 2199 NW 1st Place, Miami, FL

Transmission 2020

Transmission is a multi-media project brought together for the exhibition AiM. Existing as a photograph with an accompanying lathe cut vinyl disc of a recorded improvisational noise/soundscape, Transmission aims to expand conceptual space and links to different points in time. The photograph in question was taken in Wynwood years ago; the subject, a baby stroller cradling a broken ‘boom’ box, was discovered on my commute to my studio at the time. Captured, such as it was, it reveals its previous owner’s valuation of objects. (Possession as a means to define self-worth.) With the new addition of a “soundtrack,” produced some 13 years later, I attempt to stretch the conceptual limitations of time and challenge the notion of a tangible object. I envision the sound component as what would emanate from the “boom box.”

Gavin Perry, born in Philadelphia, PA, is a painter, sculptor and musician. He studied printmaking at the Tyler School of Art, graduating with a BFA in both. Perry has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is included in the permanent collection of the PAMM in Miami, and the CAC Málaga in Spain. In 2009, he received the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship. In 2018, he exhibited “Jaw Breaker” at the Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston, TX.

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