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Okra field on Mowry Dr. Homestead
Sweet Potatoes field on SW 320th St. Homestead

Stripes Rd

Stripes Rd. continues Masó’s ongoing exploration of political art and audiences. Before the 2020 presidential elections, Masó had appropriated the socio-economic landscape of his town, Homestead, by placing geometric abstract lawn signs in agricultural fields. He comments that Homestead has been a space where historically displaced Black communities and diverse groups from the Caribbean and Latin America converge in the farm industry. Thinking about the significance of empathy in political campaigns, Masó disrupts the strategies of communication to provoke a detached reflection about political representation in public space.

Francisco Masó is a visual artist from Havana, Cuba, who lives and works in Miami, Florida. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Stage Design from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. In 2018, he exhibited in “Solid Abstraction: Disobedient Strategies in Contemporary Cuban Art” at Miami Biennale Foundation. His work is focused on the research of political and economic phenomena that are materialized in contemporary artistic practices, ranging from the generation of a video to an abstract painting.


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