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Long Pine Key area of Everglades National Park

Erasure in the Making

Erasure in the Making is composed of a rectangular wooden structure that is 7’x10’x6.’ The structure is open and made to be ambiguous in its function and phase, as if in the process of erection or dismantlement. On two sides of the structure, plexiglass boxes hang, one with asphalt, the other with concrete. The plexiglass boxes allude to a fixed, or “picture,” window that is non-operational and framed by the structure. Within the suspended clear boxes are artificial landscapes, symbolic of the built environment and its constructs. Erasure in the Making will be located in the Everglades, a vast remote expanse where the horizon line is low and framed by the limitless sky; there the work will stand distinct and strangely, in stark contrast to the landscape.

Photos by José García
Photos by José García

Devora Perez lives and works in Miami. She received her Bachelor’s degree from New World School of the Arts, and is currently an MFA candidate at Florida International University. Her work is influenced by the domestic environment, architectural layouts and elements from homes; it relies on understated materials from daily life such as fabric, caulk, and cement. In 2016, her work was in a group show at Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation.

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