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1343 NE 119 Street. North Miami, FL 33161

Chanku luta

This piece, Chanku luta,exemplifies the need to find grounding in the attempt to transmute turbulent emotional states of current world situations without losing hope for the future. The artist will examine the robotic rituals of consumption in society, where inherent responsibility has been released at every level in the chain of capitalism while amounting to mass destruction. As our mechanical rituals result in symptoms of deathly ill cycles, the artist finds guidance in the spiritual directions that free up needed space to resume responsibility for simple actions. From his household of three people, he will collect 30 days of trash/consumption exhibiting forensic details. The installation fuses household consumption on the visible and spiritual levels. It encompasses the seven directions in life: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and the Center. It re-associates our conscious responsibility to all that we have left behind. The location will be in North Miami, the installation assembled outside a studio with the backdrop of vines that have taken over the building. 

Rudolf Kohn was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He completed a degree in Art at the Universidad de Los Andes, while apprenticing with Augusto Ardila, and re-located to Miami in 1992. His works, undeniably influenced by the politics and political turmoil of Colombia, come to life as satirical anecdotes, illustrating history past and what is yet to come. He has shown at MOCA, the Frost Art Museum, the West Palm Beach Art Fair, and many other places.