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Jibarito Food Market NW 2 Avenue, NW 32 Street, Wynwood, Miami FL

Untitled (mural)

The artist is contributing to a mural image of the everglades on a wall at Jibarito Food Market located at NW 2 avenue, NW 32 street in Wynwood, Miami, Fl. The mural is a reflection of his family and the places he goes to play Native flute and relax. In reference to the market, he explains that a “Jibaro [is] a peasant, small farmer, country people who farm the land (Puerto Rico) in traditional ways” (Johanna Fernandez, The Young Lords: A Radical History). And in reference to the neighborhood, he states that Wynwood was a predominantly Puerto Rican/Black neighborhood in Miami from early 1950s till early 2000s. Gentrification driven by Art commerce helped displace and erase much of the communities’ presence. Jibarito Food Market is one of the oldest self-sustaining local businesses to remain in Wynwood today.   

Samuel Tommie greets people with the word chehontamo. He is a citizen of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Born on an island of the river of grass, he grew up in various areas of the Florida Everglades. He is an artist in two, three dimensional arts, music, filmmaking and public speaking. In 2017, he exhibited “Promised Land” at Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum at the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in Florida.