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Silo Crespo, Temple of Unity 219 NW 14 Terrace, Miami, FL

Untitled, ca. 1967

Robert Huff passed away in 2014. His wife, Barbara Young, is offering this proposal and story: “At Silo Crespo’s Temple of Unity, 219 NW 14 Terrace, Miami, there is a little monolith on the wall to right of entrance. Purvis Young lived at this address under protection of Santeria priest Silo Crespo. The artist, Robert Huff, first visited when we picked Silo and Purvis up to go to Fort Lauderdale Museum for an exhibition that included Purvis. Over the years I visited many times. In thinking about this project, I wanted to mark some of the precious and vulnerable areas like the Everglades and Overtown––a physical place, a cultural memory place.”

Untitled, 1967, stainless steel monolith. Courtesy Barbara Young + Francesco Casale

Robert Huff was born in Michigan but relocated to Florida as a boy. He was a widely influential art teacher at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus, where he chaired the visual arts department from 1979-2005. He held an MFA from University of South Florida. Huff had over 20 solo exhibits in his career, and was included in the 2007 book Miami Contemporary Artists.