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Mid-century Circle Theater, Miami Springs, FL

Coming Soon! or maybe not, 2020

Vinyl Banner with Grommets 30 x 96 inches. 
Documentation: 120 color negative film scanned to digital.

Coming soon or maybe not. Artist Barron Sherer created a movie theater lobby style banner for a workinprogres expanded cinema piece,  Miami Story/Miami Expose.
The banner features hyperbolic main title cards from two locally produced Film Noirs (filmed in hot spots!) (and then suddenly!) placed on the site of the recently demolished Mid-century Circle Theater in Miami Springs, Florida. The cinema opened in 1949 and the crime films premiered in 1954 and 1956. Sherer’s COVID-era ballyhoo/intervention on behalf of his experimental film, gestures toward the precarious nature of traditional art and cinema production and the symbiotic trades of art and cinema exhibition.

Barron Sherer is a time-based media artist with a background in moving image archival practice and research. He graduated with a BA in media arts from the University of South Carolina. He is co-founder of Obsolete Media Miami. In 2020, he began an artist residency through Oolite Arts at Anderson Ranch.

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