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Bayfront Park (Pond) 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL


O’Reilly proposes to build a set of vivariums––small plexiglass spaces that will act as an enclosure for man. (The spaces will contain recreations of either natural landscapes, or interior or exterior spaces. The vivariums will be placed in various locations; the locations and scenes represented in each will be connected contextually.) He has conceptualized the enclosed man as himself, a black man surrounded by a clear separation from the rest of his environment. The nature, source and substance of this separation is both simple and complex; his hope is to investigate, sympathetically, aspects of this dilemma.

Aramis O’Reilly was raised in New Jersey. O’Reilly attended both the University of Connecticut and Florida International University, receiving an MFA from the latter. He lives and teaches in Miami. In 2019, he participated in the “Exposed Exhibition + Fundraiser” at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood.

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