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• Farside Gallery 1305 SW 87th Avenue, Miami, Fl 33174

This could be Heaven or this could be Hell

Photograph printed on vinyl banner

During several months in 2020, Mosquera intensively photographed plants, seeds, nuts, flowers, and the sky. These images of his surroundings became the basis for a large body of small-scaled paintings titled “From the Pandemic Series.” He decided to create a larger work and envisioned its installation. Titling it, This could be Heaven or this could be Hell, referencing the Eagles’ song “Hotel California.” With this image, Mosquera moved from a small scale format to a large one, transferring a symmetrical composition to a centralized triptych, referencing the notable front piece of Hobbes’ Leviathan book. The name Leviathan is derived from a biblical passage which declares the presence of God, often at moments of tension or tragedy. Two triangles are divided by a horizontal line with a central focal point, larger than human scale. The narrative is in close relation to the viewer; the reflection of the pool’s clear water as a symbol of a single event. The installation can be experienced from specific space and time; the gaze of the reflection records the perception of the artist. The project forms connections between past, present and futures alluding to architecture, the human condition and utopias. Addressing his view of the relationship between the landscape-myth and reality.

Arturo E. Mosquera (1982 – 2022) Born in Memphis, Tennessee, lived/ worked in Miami, FL. He attended Manchester College, Connecticut, where he concentrated in printmaking. Mosquera became interested in graffiti in his teens and his work, attached to this mode of expression, touches on dreams, death, love, beauty, friendship, and the imagination.