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4-44 47th Rd, Queens, NY


Fabric and thread

Adaptation, is a sown collection of fabric taken from clothing representing varying grids of personal memory. Remnants of family clothes shape and thread in a web like form. The fabric becomes a skin of multiple origins echoing connections to the human body while referencing the cities architectural landscape. Lines, colors, stitched and transparent layers beaming tones, draping over a figure, nature, steel, concrete…

Red bricks at odds
with tall, glossy glass
rectangles folding over
body forms in nature

Carol Pereira-Olson is based in Queens, NY. Studied at the Slade School of Art in London. Received an MFA from Yale University and BFA from Cooper Union.
I am a performance and visual artist, originally studied painting. My project is a large-scale, mixed-media installations, merging traditional painting, drawing, photography and digital editing techniques to deconstruct, isolate, abstract, recreate and resuscitate familiar images through an exploratory process of layering.