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• Bayfront Park, Northeast 94th Street, Miami Shores, FL

La Pointe Courte

Photographic documentation of a textual intervention

September 28 through October 3, 2023: King Tides. On successive days I went to Bayfront Park at Northeast 94th Street in Miami Shores, a place I often walk, to watch the water rise. The spalling breakfront was failing in certain areas and had been blocked off, suggesting a short point. “La Pointe Courte,” I thought. That is the title of Agnès Varda’s first film, a love story dedicated to the visual texture of a seaside village. I’d been watching the movie and looking at the photographs and contact sheets she made years before she shot the film; at the bay, I experienced a collapse of time and place, her film and my walk. I decided to mark my experience with a title which I printed on the thinnest paper and attached to the sidewalk with water. Two views from opposite ends of the short point are presented here.

Carol Todaro, based in Miami, FL. Received an MFA from the University of South Florida. Todaro’s work includes drawings, prints, artists’ books, installations, and book objects. In 2018 she delivered the Annual Book Arts Lecture for the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. Her work is the collections of The Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Library of Congress, and the Jaffe Collection at Florida Atlantic University, among other public institutions.