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Plaster, found vitrine box

This is a cast made from a Peruvian souvenir plate depicting a cholita and cholito (indigenous Andean people). The cast plate is fragmented and displayed in a vitrine cabinet. Peru is synonymous with the imagery of the cholita/cholita. The country’s tourism is highly dependent on exporting the resources that Andeans produce. Romanticizing every aspect of their culture as part of its three billion dollar tourist industry. At the same time, the Peruvian Government continues its legacy of human rights abuses towards Andean people; land appropriation, economic exploitation, illiteracy, malnutrition, inadequate housing, etc.
Untitled (2023) challenges art display conventions. Altering traditional interpretations, encouraging viewers to reconsider our social and historical narratives.

Carolina Cueva was born in Lima, Peru Lives/works Miami Beach, FL. Receive a BFA from School of Visual Arts. An artist and educator, Cueva works in sculpture, performance and 2D works. She is interested in pursuing intuitive forms of art making. Relying on invocations as a method of deepening connections to her sources. Cueva draws from her indigenous Andean Quechua heritage and her cross-cultural upbringing.