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Buff Environmental “The Party’s Over”

Found disco ball in Biscayne Bay

The installation, Buff Environmental “The Party’s Over” (2023) in Biscayne Bay near Morningside Park island is meant to be a subtle yet roaring statement on the horrific state of the water environment in South Florida, due to massive human population growth in the past 20 years and terribly managed waste dumping into the fragile ecosystem. This once-thriving emerald colored bay of seagrass full of life is running out of time. The world has seen Miami as this beautiful utopian party-town destination. This smashed disco ball is a perfect example of how the world should see Miami. Its true colors, no repercussions, no memory of the past and no true thinking of our future. If extreme weather and sea-level rise doesn’t get us first, our own ignorance will poison us for sure.


Michael Loveland was born 1973. Lives in Miami, FL. Received a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (1994). Loveland’s works can be found in public and private collections around the world..