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• 212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL


18 minute film
Blue glass bottles, cups and saucers, tea sets, cigars, sea shells, candles

RoseWater is a contemporary dance performance, film and set of images that explore the intersections of climate change, environmental racism, and social justice. The aim of the work is to raise awareness about the root cause of climate change, which is environmental racism and to inspire individuals to take action towards creating a sustainable future for humanity and the planet. Through the use of dance and ritual, RoseWater seeks to create a new way of perceiving, engaging, and communicating about, the environment. The performance delves into issues of water ethics, generational gentrification, and carbon footprint, highlighting the impact that human actions have on the earth and its resources. RoseWater creates a unique and immersive experience that transcends time, space, and place. 

Michelle Grant-Murray: Producer Director, Creative Designer
Woosler Delisfort: Videographer and Editor

Michelle Grant-Murray,  born in Georgia, lives/works in Miami, FL. Received an MFA from Jacksonville University, MA from Florida International University and BS from Jacksonville University. Grant-Murray is artistic Director of Olujimi Dance Collective. Her work has been presented in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Global South. Her work, generated through Ancestral African Diaspora cultural practices, explores the ecology of Black Female Body and  the interconnectedness to the element of Water, revealing the essence of human nature.