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• 105 W Main St, Canton, GA

Where we are, lives


we ride on the harden scars in her skin 
conscious of the abuse
apologetic in the understanding
not knowing how to transition to another way 
feeling her forgiveness 
like the infant suckling
biting the mother’s nipple
no harm is meant
but an end to the feeding will come
one flesh will heal the other will grow
lessons jump timelines and lives
maybe we will recall in that present/future more often 
to bless the harden scars or be buried in them 

8:35pm 11/ 13/ 2022 N. Masani Landfair

N. Masani Landfair was born in Chicago, IL. Lives and works in Northern Georgia. Attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Studied Cinema, performance, painting and is an interdisciplinary artist. Masani employs methods of collage and assemblage to recast materials deemed worthless or undesirable. Their ideas of beauty and value are influenced by both the industrial environment of South Chicago, where they grew up, and the culture of the South, where their grandparents resided prior to the Great Migration. N. Masani Landfair’s work has been exhibited at Project Row Houses, TX; Sikkema Jenkins, NY, The Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity Exhibition, Zhou B Art Center, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, IL; ProArts, Oakland, CA; Prizm Art Fair, Miami, FL; Cindy Rucker Gallery, NY; and the San Francisco International Arts Festival.