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• 5215 NE 7th Ave, Miami, FL

Heart Feels/Fills

Wood, screws, trimmer line

Heart Feels/Fills, is a field test. Landscape as praise scape to transcribe and perform. This object/instrument is derived from the route from the kayak launch point in Morning Side Park to the Picnic Islands. Using a mode of inquiry linked to the work of Courtney McQueen who proposes using the seven Hebrew words of praise as a landscape architecture framework, I repurposed this method as a way to translate my mark-making and build instruments that function as abstracted maquette of specific sites.


Najja Moon, born in Durham, NC. Lives/works in Miami, FL. Received a BFA from Pfeiffer University. Her art practice incorporates drawing, text, and sound to explore the intersections of queer identity, black culture, body movement, and familiar relations both personal and communal.